Founding Partner to support
new organisations in new places

02 August 2018


Anna Mundell, a More Partner for more than 20 years, has announced she will be leaving consultancy to pursue new international activities together with her family.

Anna and Iain More began working together in 1997, and in 2001 they founded Iain More Associates with Rachel Hall, later bringing on board Rebecca Rendle and others over the years. Anna’s consultancy focused mainly on the education sector and her often long-term assignments brought fundamental changes to the levels of understanding and performance in fundraising in many institutions across Europe.

Her passion and dedication to development opened the firm’s doors to countries that had no tradition of philanthropic fundraising for education, and where More still enjoys fruitful partnerships to this day.

Her work at More was inspired by her belief that “giving comes from the head and the heart” and, as a firm, we are proud to have had her as a Director and as a Partner for over two decades.

Commenting on behalf of More Partnership, Rebecca Rendle said, “Anna has been a respected and valuable part of the More family from the beginning – we’ll miss her counsel, her friendship and her humour – and we wish her all the best in her new venture.

On departing More Partnership, Anna commented: “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my career and I’ve learnt from my clients as much as I’ve been able to share with them. As I embark in a new and exciting professional journey, I know that More will continue to be at the forefront of fundraising around the world.

All enquiries should be directed to our Head Office on +44 (0)1382 224730 or via info@morepartnership.com