Marc Whitmore

Marc Whitmore


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I got the fundraising bug in my first job, when I led the team that conceived, planned and implemented the London Debate Challenge. We secured corporate, trust and governmental support for a 3-year-long, 451-school-wide project.

I’ve never lost that entrepreneurial passion, nor the sense of reward that comes from helping achieve those big dreams. This translates into all elements of my practice – even when working with clients to tackle the knotty, difficulty challenges that keep us all awake at night.

Early in my career I remember discussing job satisfaction with a friend who worked for a large multinational corporation. Our conclusion was that I would face all the same challenges he would, except there’d be much less money to spend, and I’d be working with people who did it for love. Whose challenge is the greater?

Some I've worked with recently

  • Aarhus BSS
  • Baker Dearing Educational Trust
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • City of London School
  • The Design Museum
  • Dulwich College
  • ESMT Berlin
  • Highgate School
  • Københavns Professionshøjskole
  • Magdalen College School
  • New City College
  • Portsmouth Grammar School
  • Robinson College, Cambridge
  • St Helen's School
  • St Peter's College, Oxford
  • The Tiffin Girls' School
  • University of Helsinki


  • General and interim management
  • Planning and delivery of performance improvement
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Data analysis and manipulation
  • Education and the wider charity sector

Before More

  • Interim Director of Development, YouthNet
  • Head of Development, Cranfield School of Management
  • Director of Development, University College School
  • Head of the Centre for Speech and Debate and then Executive Head of Development, The English- Speaking Union
  • Coaching, teaching and lecturing on critical thinking and argumentation in Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Bermuda, Slovakia and across the USA
  • MBA from The Open University
  • MA from Arkansas State University, USA
  • BSc from the University of St Andrews

Outside More

  • Member of the Employment, Enterprise & Engagement advisory group at mcch, which supports people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs
  • Avid cook
  • Keen consumer of American TV series
  • Faltering speaker but enthusiastic learner of German