Clear way forward


A clear way forward

Plan to reach your destination

If your organisation doesn’t have a clear philanthropic vision or a compelling narrative to help generate support. If you wonder what strategy you need to achieve your ambitions…

We can help you plan how to reach your goal.

When it comes to generating philanthropy and engagement there’s nothing more powerful than an authentic story well told, with logic and emotion intertwined. In other words, a concise, compelling “Case for Support”.

Through interviews, workshops and research, we immerse ourselves in an organisation and tease out the funding priorities and messages that will make a strong case. Our narrative framework exercise can help you at a higher level, distilling your organisation’s purpose, vision and values and building the essential foundations of your fundraising story.

A compelling new philanthropic narrative articulating the purpose, values and funding priorities of your institution.

This work will help your organisation articulate your vision of a better future, bringing a fresh eye and an understanding of what major donors respond to.

More has developed a method of working which will bring your fundraising team and the wider institution together, to co-create a compelling narrative about the organisation. The narrative can then be shared, sharpened and shaped into the most important document for fundraising success.

Find out how we helped: International Committee of the Red Cross

“We do incredible work through the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, but it is vast – and that can be overwhelming for donors. We needed a globally consistent story that focused on our strengths, but left some things out, too. What impressed me is that More worked with the reality of our complexity. With their help we crafted a story that has become our go-to narrative for a range of interactions with senior colleagues, leadership and philanthropists and is an exciting invitation for them to influence systemic change.”

Ben Paine
Head of Leadership Giving, International Committee of the Red Cross

It’s great to know your destination, and it’s even better to have a plan for how to reach it. This can take the form of an overarching multi-year fundraising strategy that sets an inspiring vision, a roadmap for achieving engagement goals, or a detailed and functional campaign plan setting out realistic, yet challenging, milestones.

More’s expert guidance is based on working with numerous organisations, large and small, across many sectors and cultures. We will work closely with you to engage and enthuse key stakeholders and build a robust business case justifying any investment.

A roadmap that positions philanthropy at the heart of your institutional strategy.

We help your organisation to redefine the role and objectives of the fundraising function and guide the team to deliver on these objectives. The process enables you to create individual work plans, review progress each year, readjust priorities with confidence, and prepare future plans.

Find out how we helped: Barts Charity, University of Wollongong

Clarity on the most sensible steps towards continued campaign success.

What are the fundamental factors which will influence whether your campaign succeeds or fails? And how will you retain momentum when transitioning out of a campaign to a new phase of fundraising? Our work will help lay out campaign or post-campaign goals, strategy and milestones for the development team and everyone inside an institution who plays a role in fundraising.

Clarity on where to prioritise resource and activity so you can grow income and donors.

Building on a review of what is and isn’t working in your regular giving programme, as well as the opportunities for and challenges to growth, we will work with your organisation to define the purpose and objectives of your regular giving programme and how it can support broader fundraising and engagement objectives. We’ll provide clear recommendations for areas of future focus, and work with you to develop a strategy and action plan to increase long-term giving.

Find out how we helped: University of Leeds

A plan to build an engaged community of supporters close to your cause.

At its best an Alumni engagement strategy can inspire a global movement in support of your institution. We offer advice and support across the comprehensive range of strategic and practical areas that make alumni relations work – including how this critical area can support fundraising and stewardship and realise a wider range of outcomes to support your university’s great ambitions.

Clear steps towards bringing in new donors via digital channels and initiatives.

We help organisations use digital media to engage with a wider audience and, ultimately, raise regular funds from donors they were unable to reach through more conventional processes. We develop strategies and plans that integrate communications, awareness, advocacy and new donor discovery with existing fundraising initiatives. This can include segmenting your online audience and assessing its capacity, developing and testing messages that resonate with a massive audience, not just a small number of donors, and creating metrics so you can monitor success.

Tools, contacts and advice to be effective right away at securing corporate gifts.

Corporate partnerships are increasingly critical to advancing the great ambitions of universities, charities and arts organisations around the world. We offer expertise, support, advice and contacts to grow your network of strategic corporate relationships, and we collaborate with you to establish the processes, approaches and materials needed to sustain this in the future.

“More helped us to start a dialogue with our alumni association from another perspective. They provided a paper to explain how we need to organise alumni relations in order to move forward. They stressed how important it was for the university to own alumni relations – we got a big boost from that.”

Pia Dolivo
Head of Community Relations and Fundraising, University of Helsinki