Be better at what you do

If you need to strengthen the confidence, skills and effectiveness of your team, develop your leadership style, or engage your wider institution with philanthropy…

We can equip you and those around you to be better at what you do.

Your organisation needs to unlock the potential of leadership, staff, volunteers and others if you are to achieve ambitious philanthropic and engagement goals.

Through bespoke training programmes and workshops, we help give your fundraising staff the knowledge, confidence and skills to be better at what they do. We also engage, inform and enthuse your leadership and wider organisation so they can tell the story of your institution effectively and play their role in engaging with potential donors.

Skills and tools to get to grips with major gift fundraising.

This introduction to fundraising is for organisations or teams who are new to fundraising or which have a number of staff transitioning from other areas such as marketing or private banking. The inspirational and motivational session builds an understanding of fundraising and the role of the fundraiser, as well as the skills, attitudes and mindset needed to succeed. Participants leave with a practical toolkit to help them get started: example research profiles, donor engagement chart, meeting frameworks, and language to use when asking for support.

Confidence in telling your fundraising story, using effective language.

How do we become fluent at telling our philanthropic story? Using a range of techniques and exercises, this workshop starts by exploring the key ingredients of a case for support. It then helps your fundraisers and non-fundraisers (for example academic staff, senior leadership or volunteers) to articulate and rehearse their existing case in a compelling manner, developing effective and impactful language along the way.

Building philanthropic fluency and buy-in.

If your organisation is considering an initial or increased investment in philanthropy, your trustees and senior leaders will need to engage with and be fluent in it. This session will help them understand the context, potential and mechanics of philanthropy for your organisation, and their own specific role in making it a success.

Involving non-fundraisers in your fundraising effort.

If you are gearing up for a campaign or wanting to scale up your fundraising much of your success will depend on how effectively colleagues outside fundraising can deliver your key messages. Depending on your sector, this session is for academics, clinicians, scientists or field officers. It deepens understanding of philanthropy, covering donor motivations, the scale of your opportunity, and your colleagues’ roles and responsibilities. In doing so, it also boosts confidence, momentum and trust in the fundraising team.

Professional and personal advice in a safe and supportive environment.

We can work one-to-one with you or a member of your team to improve professional and personal skills, increase motivation and confidence, resulting in the mentee feeling valued.

In addition, we deliver tailored sessions, in person or online, on a wide range of fundraising essentials including: Alumni engagement, Campaigns, Corporate giving, Data analysis, Ethics in philanthropy, GDPR, Securing meetings and asking (in person and online), Solicitation planning, Stewardship, Supporter engagement and donor journeys, and Working with Academics or Clinicians.

“I now have an increased understanding of the value of my role as a clinician in fundraising and increased confidence. I feel more prepared.”

A trainee
Evelina London Children's Hospital

The fundraising workforce is growing, with talent coming from various sectors and employers often struggling to retain their best fundraisers. Building a sustainable fundraising function with staff who are resilient and able to navigate stakeholder relationships means investing in developing a skilled and confident team.

For decades, More partners have embedded coaching in their work with clients. Our professional coaching practice offers specific programmes that unlock people’s potential and build their resilience whether they are new to their role, in a leadership position or simply facing challenges in their work.

Tools to build confidence, enabling fundraisers and leaders to thrive in their roles and remain loyal to their institution.

More's professional coaching is a programme of one-to-one sessions designed to help people reach their potential. It develops people’s ability to identify the specific challenges they are facing, understand what is holding them back, and design and implement their own solutions. The programme enables rapid and long-lasting personal and professional change.

Find out how we helped: University of Bristol

A space for fundraising teams to come together and learn techniques that will help them ride storms together, remaining well, focused and effective.

Workspace fundamentals such as human connection, idea sharing, spontaneity and cross-team relationships have taken a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help nurture your fundraising team’s wellbeing and resilience, so they can continue to work effectively together, we have designed a practical and interactive workshop for teams of all shapes and sizes. Over the course of 90-120mins tailored to your specific needs, we use proven techniques to improve focus, resilience, team coherence and wellbeing. We also talk through coaching tools that can help staff with issues such as feeling overwhelmed, prioritisation and getting unstuck. All participants receive a pack with further wellbeing insights and practical tools, including suggestions for managers to help them embed what they’ve learned.

“I was delighted at the noticeable difference that a few coaching sessions made to a new team member in terms of confidence. As a result of the coaching and her engagement with the process, she has shifted her approach to work, enabling her to flourish in her role and bring her creativity and experience to the benefit of the team and donors.”

Amanda Scott
Director of Development, Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith