Rosie Dale joins More Partnership

15 March 2017


More Partnership is pleased to announce that Rosie Dale is joining as a Partner today.

Rosie brings extensive experience of leading high performing regular and mid-level giving programmes – including Bristol Pioneers – and embedding donor stewardship across teams.  She has wide-ranging experience of creating inspirational cases for support, and using data insight to drive effective multi-media fundraising and engagement campaigns.

Rosie has been Head of Analytics and Data at the University of Bristol since 2011 where she successfully put data at the heart of strategic decision-making.

She has been the driving force behind regular giving at Bristol, leading what is widely acknowledged as one of the best programmes in the UK, raising an impressive £1.3m a year and attracting exemplary participation from Bristol’s alumni.

She led Bristol’s donor stewardship programme, combining donor engagement with data-driven strategies to improve donor retention, grow regular and mid-level giving and build long-term donor loyalty.

Rosie is a member of the Editorial Board for the Ross-CASE Survey of Charitable Giving to Universities. As a More Associate, she has helped develop the award-winning Regular Giving Benchmarking project which, over the last six years, has analysed and provided insight for the giving of more than 35 British and Irish universities.

Rosie said, “It is a time of change and uncertainty in the charitable sector. Inspirational reasons to engage, greater insight and innovative approaches will all be needed to overcome the challenges ahead. I am looking forward to working with More to help our clients shape and realise their fundraising and engagement ambitions.”

Rebecca Rendle, Managing Partner of More Partnership, said, “We are delighted to welcome Rosie to our team of Partners. She has a first-class track record and is at the forefront of new developments in building highly participative and effective fundraising initiatives. Her skills and experience add further depth to the support we offer our clients as they seek to build strong giving programme that attract the widest possible levels of support.

Rosie starts her role with More Partnership today. You can contact her by email on rdale@morepartnership.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.